Site Selection / Patient Recruitment

Site Selection / Patient Recruitment

Site selection is a critical component of a clinical trial’s success. Clinart evaluates many factors when selecting sites for a trial. We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences for site selection. Disease prevalence and location of patient populations is often a major determining factor in looking for necessary sites. Additionally, we look at a site’s past experience and performance with Clinart prior to making a recommendation to our clients. We factor in a site’s previous study compliance, enrollment track record, working relationship as well as other standard qualification criteria specific to the study. The ultimate selection of sites becomes a collaborative effort between Clinart and its client.

Site Selection Services include:

  • Investigator Site Identification and Recruitment
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Identify Geography of Patient Populations
  • Back-Up Site Selection
  • Maintenance of ClinArt’s Investigator Site Database via Sponsor and Monitor feedback
Patient Recruitment:

Clinart also provides patient recruitment services. Clinart works with our clients and study sites to identify barriers to on-time enrollment and develops a Patient Recruitment Plan for the study. Clinart works with IRBs and other third-parties to gain approval for, and implement, advertising and patient incentives strategies. We remain in constant contact with each site to assess the screening process and are always available to support sites and respond to questions regarding patient eligibility and study questions in general. Frequent communication and follow up facilitates assessment of the progress of each site with their screening and enrollment efforts.

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